To get you off to a good start, we’ll inform you of the most important things you need to know when you join us.



Do you want to start working in the Netherlands quickly? Then you can help us by having a number of documents ready that are mandatory to complete the registration. The documents you need are:


A valid ID, an active foreign currency account and a debit card that works in Europe and a smartphone (mobile phone) or tablet.


Go to www.workinnl.nl for more information.


At GOODMORNING we maintain high standards so that we can guarantee good cooperation, comfort of (prospective) employees and easy adjustment after arrival. We are affiliated with various industry associations and certified with multiple labels. Read more about our conditions and certifications via these downloads:


Terms and Conditions


Chamber of Commerce Extract – Chamber of Commerce


ABU Membership – Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen


Flexwonen Standards Foundation


NEN Certification – Dutch Standard


Brochure Central Government – New in the Netherlands


Handbook for temporary workers


Accomodation manual


All our international flex workers use the Plan4Flex app on their smartphone or tablet/laptop. This user-friendly app contains all the information and documentation you need for your work. For example, you can see what time your shift starts and what time you will be picked up. You can also view your contracts and pay slips. You can also easily digitally sign forms or submit declarations in the app. Super simple and everything in your own language!


Plan4Flex App functions for flex workers:


Planning, availability and absence such as holidays or sick leave, digital file with all documents such as contracts to pay slips, workplace address, declaration of fuel receipts, digitally signing forms via the app and a chat function for contact between consultant and employee.


Social Security Number

The Citizen Service Number (BSN) is your own personal number that you need for care or taxes, for example. It is mandatory to have a BSN number if you work and live in the Netherlands. Once you have arrived in the Netherlands, we will help you obtain a citizen service number (BSN) number.



As soon as you arrive at Stella Maris in the Netherlands, you can immediately go to your spacious luxury apartment. At Stella Maris we have apartments for two, four and six persons. The apartments have a living room with television, kitchen and a bathroom with washing machine, all in accordance with the SNF certification. In addition, you can use the restaurant, fitness room and the beautiful adjacent garden.


Of course we try to locate your residential location as close as possible to your future work location so that there is little travel time. The receptionist and Flex coordinators are always present at the residential location to answer all your questions, guarantee safety and help you on your way as best as possible.


Care in the Netherlands

It is compulsory in the Netherlands to have health insurance. That is why we help you directly with the registration with a health insurer.


You can assume that healthcare in the Netherlands is well organized.


GOODMORNING considers your health important. That is why we offer an international digital general practitioner where you can go with all your questions.


To the digital GP: https://www.arene.nl/nl/


A deal is a deal. We think that’s important. That’s why we make sure we keep our promises to you. For example, about the number of hours you work, your salary and the correct payment of the hours worked.

You can always view your pay slip via the Plan4Flex app. Would you like to know more about the contents of your payslip? then click here.


Most new flex workers arrive at our residential location called Stella Maris during the weekend. The receptionist is the first point of contact and she provides you with the important information, work shoes, explanation about the work planning and guides you to your new home.


You have the whole weekend to recover from the trip. On Monday you are expected in our large meeting room for the introduction. Here you will meet the consultant who will guide you during the working period.



To ensure that you can easily get to your new workplace, you can use our fleet of vehicles.